Foreign Golden Guides

Golden Press managed to sell their line of Golden Guides to several overseas companies. So far I have found copies that were published in Canada, Britain, France, Germany and Italy. And my guess is there are others. Any information not included here is most welcome.

The links on above will take you to the pages featuring these books. It seems as though most of these publishers used one printing company; Mondadori, which is an Italian printing company. Arnold Mondadori is the editor to the entire line of Italian Golden Guides. Publishing books in France can be quite expensive. So Hachette used Mondadori to publish their line of books. Some of the German editions were published by New Interlitho S.P.A., Trezzano, Italy. And at least one German Guide was published by Frederick Warne. The Canadian editions were published by Marcel Broquet Inc. in Quebec.

Keep in mind these pages are far from complete as far as information goes. And they probably never will be complete. Chasing foreign editions of Golden Guides is extremely difficult.

Italian Sailing Golden Guide