Grading and Shipping

Grading Terms For Paper Items


This is a candy; NOT a grading description.

Near Mint-

I use the term "As New" rather than Near Mint. Can't even remember the last time I used this grade in a description.

Very Fine-

Normally this is my highest grade. Possibly just a minor flaw.
Or a manufacturing flaw.


Probably an item that's been handled just enough to keep it out of the "As New" or VF category. Defects could include very minor edge wear or chipping.

Very Good-

Read enough to visibly see the problems without looking very hard.
Could have reading creases, browned pages, name inside in ink, but no tears.


Well read or used. It could have spine and reading creases. Possibly a small spine split


An intact copy, only held together by sheer luck. Still a complete book with no missing pages


Could be an item worth recycling. But because of it's rarity, I've decided to put it up for sale.

Waterstains are a separate matter entirely. An item can be perfect otherwise with a waterstain and I'll drop the grade clear down to Very Good or Good. They are also tough to spot sometimes. But I do the best I can. I don't lower the grade if it has a store stamp inside, with the exception of the Very Fine category.

At this time I only sell paperbacks on Ebay. You are welcome to send want lists though. None of the books on this website are for sale. Sorry.

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