Golden Guide To Mammals

Mammals was the eighth Golden Guide published. The first hardcover printing of Mammals has the number 597 on the spine. Copyright 1955 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. and Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. by Western Printing and Lithographing Company. The book itself has animal related endpapers. The dustjacket and title page state 218 Animals In Full Color. A first printing will have an A with a price of $1.95 on the inside flap of the DJ. I have yet to find a hardcover DJ Golden Press edition. But one probably exists.(not shown, but same as image #1)

The first softcover edition of Mammals probably was issued about the same time as the HC edition. Numbered 497 on the spine and no cover price. A first printing will have an A100100 on the inside front cover. Published in 1955 by Simon & Schuster. (not shown, but same as image #1 without cover price)

The earliest edition of Mammals with a cover price is a I edition, which is noted on the last page. Cover price is $1.00. (shown as 497:100) Published by Simon & Schuster in 1955. (image #1)

A U edition of Mammals had the number change to 24497. Cover price is $1.00. © 1955 by Golden Press. Note: I have a $1.25 edition with the letter A on the last page. But for obvious reasons this is not a first printing. (not shown)

Golden Press changed the background color to Mammals in the 70's. It still has the published date as 1955. But the cover price is $1.95. Letter code OO on the last page. (image #2)

A completly new cover appeared for Mammals as a stated revised edition published in 1987. The publisher's number changed to 24058. ISBN number on back cover is 0-307-24058-4. Letter code ABCDEF appears on page 160. Cover price is $3.95. (last image)

The first two scans were published in a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover. Image #1 has the number 63510 on the back cover. Copyright 1955 by Golden Press, Inc.
Image #2 has the number 0-307-63510-4 on the back cover. © Copyright 1955 by Western Publishing Company, Inc.

Perhaps the most unique item I have ever found is a Mammals Bone China set. You have to see it to believe it.

Still in print by St. Martin's Press.

Mammals Golden Guide Mammals Golden Guide Mammals Golden Guide