Golden Guide To Insects

Insects was the third Golden Guide published. The first hardcover printing of Insects has the number 592 on the spine of the DJ. Copyright 1951 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. The book itself has yellow insect decorated boards and a pictorial cover. The endpapers are titled the Development Of Insects and the Structures Of Insects. The dustjacket and title page state 225 Species In Full Color. Printing code C on the flap, along with a price of $1.00. (not shown, but same cover as image #1)

A revised hardcover of Insects is dated 1956. From the foreword: In the present revisions, six additional pages of information have been added, plus a list of scientific names. The decorated boards have been replaced with blank pages. My copy has the letter K on page 160.

The Permaseal hardcover edition of Insects has the number 492 on the spine. A first printing will have an A100100 on the inside front cover. Same endpapers as the hardcover above. (same as image #1)

The first softcover edition of Insects probably was issued about the same time as the HC edition. Numbered 492 and published in 1951 by Simon & Schuster. Same cover as the hardcover. 160 pages with the addition of logo page and dummy title page in front, and one blank page for notes in back adjacent to endpapers. (same endpapers as HC) My copy has D100100 at bottom left corner of the inside front cover. No price listed. The inside covers has a new Big Four logo. At this point Simon & Schuster must of realized that Stars would be the next title to be published, not Trees. So they added 4 symbols to the Original Big Four logo. (image #1)

The first revised edition of Insects added a price of $1.00 to the cover. (shown as 492:100) It is a stated revised edition published in 1956. My copy has the letter N on page 160. Decorated endpapers an blank pages are gone to make room for the revisions. (not shown)

Next is the NASC version. This book appears to be a promotional item published for the North American School Of Conservation. It has the NASC symbol on the spine. Spine also states Reference Library instead of Golden Press. The back cover talks about the schools role in conservation. Same cover as previous versions. Printing code shows IIJJKK on page 160. (not shown)

The earliest number change I have is a CC edition. Cover price is $1.00. The number is 24492. Revised, but not stated. (not shown)

The first (text) cover change to Insects has a date of 1956 and a cover sticker price of $1.95. Number on the spine is 24492. My copy has the letters TT on page 160. Listed as a Golden Guide on the cover and a Golden Nature Guide on the inside front cover. (image #2)

Another revised edition of Insects was published in 1987. From the foreword: We are grateful to Allen M. Young, Ph.D., Curator and Head, Invertebrate Zoology, Milwaukie Public Museum, for preparing the current revisions. ISBN number on the back cover is 0-307-24055-X. No price listed. My copy has the letters EF on page 160. Most likely this edition exists in an A printing. (image #3)

A British version exists of Insects with a different cover. But the contents are about the same. Published 1966 by Paul Hamlyn Ltd. by arrangement with Golden Press Inc. © Copyright 1951, 1956, 1966, Golden Press Inc. Printed by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore - Verona, Italy. (image #4)

Two French version exist of Insects. One has the same cover as the British version. The other has a cover not seen before. The contents are the same, except the text is French. © 1966 Golden Press Inc., 1951, 1956. Publiè par les Editions des Deux Coqs d'Or, Paris. From the last page: Imprimè en Italie Officine Grafiche A. Mondadori- Verona. (image #5 & #6)

Shown last is the Spanish version of Insects titled Insectos. © Golden Press Inc., 1956. Publicado de acuerdo con Western Publishing International, y por licencia para la lengua española, 1971, por Editiones Daimon, Manuel Tamayo, Barcelona Spain. 1969

The first cover shown was published in a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover. It has the number 63504 on the back cover. Stated revised edition. © Copyright 1951, 1956 by Golden Press, Inc.

This title is still in print by St. Martin's Press.

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