Herbs And Spices Golden Guide

The first edition of Herbs And Spices has the letters ABCDEFG on page 160. Copyright © 1976 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. Published by Golden Press, New York, N.Y. Cover price is $1.95. The number on the spine is 24364. Listed as a Golden Guide on the cover and a Golden Nature Guide on the inside front cover.

The next book shown is the German version of Herbs & Spices titled Kräuter und Gewürze. © 1976 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. Erschienen im Delphin Verlag, Müchen und Zürich, 1978. Printed in Italy by New Interlitho, Trezzano. The contents are the same as the Golden Press edition, except of course the text is in German.

This title also exists in a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover. The ISBN number on the back cover is 0-307-64364-6.

No cover variant or revised edition exists. Out of print.

Herbs Golden Guide German Herbs Golden Guide