Golden Guide To Hallucinogenic Plants

The first edition of Hallucinogenic Plants has the letters ABCDE on page 160. Copyright © 1976 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. Published by Golden Press, New York, N.Y. Cover price is $1.95. The number on the spine is 24362. ISBN 0-307-24362-1 shown on the back cover. This book went through 4 printings. Listed as a Golden Guide on the cover and a Golden Nature Guide on the inside front cover.

I have a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover edition with a page pasted to the inside front cover of Hallucinogenic Plants. My guess is this copy was intented for a library. And this pasted page came with the book. Someone glued this to the book and kept it, instead of putting it in the library. It states this book is intended for high school seniors and above. Also states this book may be ordered by a library or school at the discounted price of $5.50. The ISBN number on the back cover is 0-307-64362-X. Letters ABCDE on page 160. Two printings exist.

No cover variant or revised edition exists. Out Of Print.

Hallucinogenic Plants