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Kitchen Antiques was published by Frederick Warne Ltd. © 1982. Printed in Great Britan by Butler & Tanner Ltd. Frome and London. Observer Books are highly collectible, especially in Europe. Distribution of these books in the U.S. was very limited. There's links at the bottom of this page that lead to some great Observer Book websites. (1st image on left)

To the right is a Knowledge Through Color book titled Motorcycles. There are 55 titles in the series, published by Bantam Books. This title is the last and most difficult to find in the series. Every book has 160 pages and either color photos or drawings.

Second image on the left is Coquillages, which translates to Seashells. Copyright date is 1962 by Golden Press. Published by Hachette. The cover and contents are virtually identical to the U.S. version. © Golden Press, Inc., New York, 1962.

Second image on the right is an All-Color Guide titled Strangest Creatures. Some of the titles in this series are the same book as the Knowledge Through Color books. Ridge Press published these, which is a division of Bantam Books. I have no idea how many were published in the series.

Last image on the left is an Explorer's Guide titled Northern Mountains There are 6 titles in the series. Published by the H.M. Gousha Co. Drawings and photos throughout, but in black & white. Available in softcover and hardcover. Softcover version shown.

The last book on this page is titled Fossil Man. So far the titles I own match the Knowledge Through Color books published by Bantam Books. These are published by Hamlyn. The series is called Hamlyn All-Colour Paperbacks.

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Motorcycles Knowledge Thru Color Guide Strangest Creatures All-Color Guide Fossil Man Hamlyn All-Colour Guide