Henry Gasser's Guide To Painting

Two versions of Henry Gasser's Guide To Painting exist in a first edition. The first printing of both versions has an A on page 160. © Copyright 1964 by Golden Press, Inc. Cover price is $1.00. One has the number 24348 on the spine. The other has no number. The difference between the two is one version has a Grumbacher ad on the back cover. Everything else is identical. Listed as a Golden Handbook. (image #1)

A second printing of the special Grumbacher edition has a photo of Mr. Gasser on the inside front cover. And the inside back cover advertises Grumbacher magazines for sale. The letters for the word Painting were made smaller. There is no number for this edition either. (image #2)

An almost identical book exists with number B384 on the spine. The only difference (besides the number on the spine) is the ad layout on the inside back cover and the letter code F on page 160. (not shown)

Shown next is the French version of Henry Gasser's Guide To Painting titled Savoir Peindre Number 130 in the series. © 1964 by Golden Press Inc. © 1967 by Editions des Deux Coqs d'Or, Paris.

Shown last is the Spanish version of Henry Gasser's Guide To Painting titled Aprende A Pintar. © 1964, Golden Press Inc. 1967, Editions de Deux Coqs d'Or. Publicado de acuerdo con Western Publishing International, y por licencia para la lengua española, 1971, por Editiones Daimon, Manuel Tamayo, Barcelona Spain.

Image #1 also exists in a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover. The number on the back cover is 63527.

No revised edition exists that I am aware of. Out of print.

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