Golden Guide To Fishing

The first edition of Fishing has the letter A on page 160. © 1965 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. Published by Golden Press, New York. Cover price is $1.00. The number on the spine is 24008. Listed as a Golden Handbook on the cover and the inside front cover.

Shown next is a cover text change to Fishing. Most of the art disappeared from the back cover as well. Cover price is $2.95. No longer called a Golden Handbook. ISBN number on the back cover is 0-307-24008-8. Printing code is WXY.

Fishing received a completely new cover in 1987. Stated revised edition. No cover price. ISBN number on the back cover is 0-307-24050-9, which is changed from the previous edition. The letters GHIJKLMN are on page 160.

One of the more interesting versions of Fishing is a giveaway distributed by the Richfield Oil Company. Cover price is $1.00. The inside front and back cover has Richfield ads. On the title page it states this book is a special edition by arrangement with Golden Press. The contents are identical to the first edition. The letter D is on page 160.

This title also exists in a large (5 ¼ by 7 ¾ inch) hardcover. The number on the back cover is 63530.

A Leisure Library edition of Fishing exists. It has a cover not published in a Golden Guide edition. New copyright date of 1974. The size is 5 by 7 ½ inches. Cover price is $2.95. A first of this edition will have the letters ABCDE on page 160. The contents are the same as the Golden Press edition.

Still in print by St. Martin's Press.

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