Golden Guide To Architecture

The first American edition of Architecture has the letters ABCDEF on page 240. Subtitle is "From It's Origins to the Present Day". Part of the Golden Art Guide series. Copyright date is 1969 with a $1.95 cover price. The number on the spine is 42301.This book is also copyright 1968 by Editions des Deux Coqs d'Or, Paris and Mondadori-OGAM, Verona. I have yet to find a reprint edition.

The French version of Architecture was published before the American edition by one year. Number 143 in the series. Written by Charles Rambert. © by Editions des Deux Coqs d'Or, Paris 1968 et Mondadori- OGAME Vérone. Printed in Italy. Shown is a hardcover version.

Architecture Golden Art Guide French Architecture Golden Art Guide