The 0008 Collection

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Our Man From Sadisto
Ember Library 301
Our Girl From Mephisto
Ember Library 305
Ember Library 309
Go-Go Sadisto
Ember Library 313
The Desdamona Affair
Ember Library 317
Ember Library 321
Sadisto Royale
Ember Library 325
0008 Meets Gnatman
Leisure Book 1140
For Your Sighs Only
Ember Library 329
The Lost Bomb
Ember Library 333
The Merciless Mermaids
Leisure Book 1159
Mondo Sadisto
Leisure Book 1160
0008 Meets Modesta Blaze
Leisure Book 1169
The Sex-Ray
Leisure Book 1174
Roburta The Conqueress
Leisure Book 1176
From Rapture With Love
Leisure Book 1180
The Ice Maiden
Ember Library 365
The Sin Funnel
Candid Reader 901
Nightstand Book 1877
The Desert Damsels
Candid Reader 930